The Shape of Things to Come

FLASHBACK: Doug Shiloh around the time of developing the story that would lead to DEAD EXIT.

FLASHBACK: Doug Shiloh around the time of developing the story that would lead to DEAD EXIT.

by Doug Shiloh

Dead Exit creator

As a kid, I was heavily influenced by H.G. Wells’ The Time Machine and War of the Worlds and I am a big fan of The Twilight Zone, and the 70s movie classics such as Soylent Green, Rollerball, Logan’s Run and Planet of The Apes. Orwell’s 1984 is also an inspiration.

These stories mashed-up reality and threw in a wild fantastic (using Wells’ use of the word) element that bent the mind. As the 20th century progressed, those unrealities seemed more possible. Nowadays? Right around the corner.

In no way am I trying to be Nostradamus by predicting the future – as a storyteller I’m just looking at trends and into the past and mashing up with things that ought to make a good story.

There are a couple of 007 Bond-like gizmos in Dead Exit, but not enough to strain a budget. No light sabers, no flying cars. The world of Dead Exit is set in the near future. It doesn’t look too different from Today. The constant is human behavior and as a whole that never changes. That’s one reason guys like Shakespeare will never fade away.

I’ve said the backdrop of the series is Hollywood, Politics and Murder. Last Fall I read several old books on the Golden Age of Hollywood. The technology has changed but in essence it seems to be the same: the smell of dreams and money, power, sex, opulence, the unreal…all stuff to be explored in Dead Exit.

One of the new additions created just this winter is the character of Senator Grace Sullivan. It’ll be one of the lead roles. In a mad world, Sullivan is a voice of sanity. She’ll go toe-to-toe with Senator Warren (played by Rich Graff) and John Brandt (played by Tony Denison). The role asks for an actor who can have great range. I’d like to announce who will take on this challenging role…but as I’ve said…I can’t predict the future.

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