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Senator Grayson Warren

Dead Exit cover inked Warren face 1Born in California, Grayson Warren finished school and joined his local police force. Starting out as a beat cop, Warren quickly moved up to the rank of detective and married Lisa, his high school sweetheart.

They settled into a full, happy and busy life suburban life and raised two kids Billy and Lexi.

But on a fateful rainy fall night, during a family night out at a movie theater, Warren’s family was caught in the middle of an extremely violent active shooter event.

One gunman shot two people trying to escape the theater and another gunman torched the theater with a Molotov cocktail as moviegoers panicked. The group’s maniacal leader killed Warren’s family. Warren was able to shoot dead two of the perpetrators before being severely wounded by the ringleader. The police stormed in as Warren fell unconscious.

The two surviving gunmen surrendered – and claimed innocence (even though one man videotaped the event).

Rich-Graff-AMC-Hit-Series-Making-of-the-Mob-plays-lead-role-of-Lucky-Luciano-479x450After healing from his near-fatal wounds, Warren ran for U.S. Senator on one platform: change the U.S. justice system. “I’m here to tell everyone, justice will now be served. I have a plan.”

With citizen frustration and rising crime and terrorism at an all-time high, Warren won in a landslide victory.

US CapitolLegislation was voted on. Known as The Warren Violent Crimes Corrections Act, it passed and changed civilized Society forever.

12928361_1178470172165293_1245632309602100139_n(2)“The Program”, as it is known, was created by Senator Warren in response specifically to the crime of Murder. The imposing skull-and-crossbones logo for The Program says it all: it is a sword for those convicts it dispels justice on – and as a shield to protect innocent citizens.

Since its inception, The Program has used Death Row prisoners in a variety of ways. A prisoner in The Program is called a “CineCon.” Agents who guard CineCons are called “CineGuards.” CineGuards use “CineCuffs” to electronically control CineCons.

senator-warren-studies-2Our story – set in the near future – and begins 20 years after the tragic movie theater active shooter event that decimated Warren’s life and changed the world.

Senator Warren is portrayed by actor Rich Graff.

To learn Senator Warren’s backstory of when he was a police detective, read the original ‘artist script’ for the prequel: Prelude to Pain.


dakota-larger-studiesThey convicted him of murder then they changed his name to Josh Dakota. He’s a man caught in a nightmare he can’t wake from.

Resourceful, with a talent for gallows humor and sarcasm, this former soccer player and regional theater actor with a mysterious past hails from small-town Appleton, Wisconsin.

ernesto nodalDakota now plays out his story on the biggest stage of all – one of Life and Death. When asked why he’ll comply with the wishes of The Program and be in John Brandt’s movie Dead Exit, Dakota shrugs and says dryly, “It’s not every day you get to spend $300 million on a funeral.”


Dakota is portrayed by actor Ernesto Nodal.

Vanessa Caleccio 

Vanessa Vanessa 1“Girls like me don’t get many second chances,” said ex-porn star Vanessa Caleccio. “The past is something they never let you forget.”

She quit the business, got married and tried to go ‘legit’ with her acting career but Hollywood wouldn’t forget her past. Later, in self-defense, she killed her abusive husband but was cleared of all charges. Her quest for a walk of fame has turned into an avenue full of risk. The Program brought her in to co-star in Dead Exit, not as a CineCon, but as a legit actress playing the part of a special agent. 

It’s her last chance. Will she give the best performance of her life?

Vanessa is portrayed by entertainer Sienna Taylor.

Xavier Thompson

XavierXavier 3His friends call him “X.”

Hip, wise-cracking, cool. Xavier Thompson is an MIT graduate whose MacGyver-like mind bailed out Wall Street corporations and thieves alike.

If you’re looking for a job to get done, ‘X marks the spot.’

Xavier is portrayed by actor Reggie Pierre-Louis.

John Brandt

John Brandt’s films have won awards and made movie theater cash registers ring. He worked his way up to the top of the Hollywood ladder by directing neo-classic crime stories such as Shot to the Jugular, Noir and Last Weekend in Atlantic City. His latest summit: directing The Program’s $300M crime thriller Dead ExitTony Denison 2 as Brandt

Savvy enough to listen from the right sources, Brandt is professional, talented and fierce. Most of all, he’ll do what it takes “to get the shot.”

While being a famous director, Brandt takes directives from Senator Warren, the ultimate decision-maker.

Brandt is portrayed by actor Tony Denison.


Agent Toni Jenkins


Jenkins 1 Jenkins 3

A veteran of two tours in Afghanistan, Jenkins is cool-headed yet fierce when the moment is needed. Her accolades include a teen motocross title, and after six years with the Marine Corps, Jenkins was a pro cage fighter before signing on as a CineGuard with The Program.

To unwind from the daily grind, Jenkins rides her Triumph 500cc bike out in the Joshua Tree National Park.

Agent Jenkins is portrayed by singer/actor/model Nina Bergman.

Jade Bloodworth

Jade Bloodworth
Roxy 2

Her raw, pulse-pounding style and visionary music videos and live shows led her to the top of the charts, a slew of devoted fans and an armful of awards.

Rebel. Innovator. She makes and breaks the rules.

The New Rock and Roll has a name and a face: it’s Jade Bloodworth.

Jade Bloodworth is portrayed by Roxy Saint (pictured).

Johnny B. Hollywood

Jimmy Star 2 johnny-b

All the A-stars know him by name. He makes and breaks careers with his kiss-and-tell ways on the Red Carpet and in the TV studio. Rising from the gritty streets of Asbury Park, NJ as Jonathon Benjamin Harris, he followed a dream and became a mover-and-shaker in Tinseltown… as Johnny B. Hollywood.

Johnny B. Hollywood is portrayed by Jimmy Star (pictured).

Agent Harry Mosley


MosleyAgent Mosley worked as an MP, then on a city police force but watched criminals get away with the worst.

Then he was recruited as a CineGuard with The Program and found purpose.

He dedicated his life to The Job but the world refuses to stand at attention like it should. A true believer in The Program, Mosley is ready to roll up his sleeves and do the will of Senator Warren, any place, anytime.

Agent Mosley is portrayed by actor Martinez.

Liz Reynolds

liz reynolds outside

liz-studiesSmart, inquisitive, breezy – Liz Reynolds is the face of modern Network TV. As a reporter she can ask the tough, probing questions, yet have enough glitz and sass to work the Red Carpet.

Liz challenges Senator Warren in an opening scene, questioning morals of The Program.

Liz Reynolds is is portrayed by model/actor/TV host Jeannie McGinnis.



All his life Fitzgerald craved for the stage, the lights, action! He once played off-Broadway… and now his biggest Moment is within his fingertips. Will he reach new heights of fame? Named after that great American writer, he shows us how far he’ll go to green-light his American Dream. But is all that glitters gold?

Fitzgerald is portrayed by actor James J. Bryhan.

LISTEN HERE for a chilling scene of Fitzgerald read by James. (Music by Kevin Macleod, Creative Commons license.)


Agent Ryan Chandler

agent-chandler-studiesAgent Ryan Chandler is a soldier, a no-nonsense agent for The Program.

When not on duty, Chandler can be found in the gym or on the shooting range working on his skills.

Agent Chandler is portrayed by actor Chris Twomey.


(can be Male or Female)

Max Blitz – age 35+

He’s landed a burning 747 on an Interstate highway in rush hour traffic, fought off alligators while blindfolded and handcuffed, and conquered every blond, brunette and redhead who’s ever crossed his paths. It’s just your usual day in the amazing life of legendary movie star Max Blitz. His latest role? Tracking down a terrorist as “Agent Alex Danton” in The Program’s mega-thriller Dead Exit.

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