AMC TV star Rich Graff leads cast in ‘shocking’ graphic novel


Sketch studies for Senator Warren (Rich Graff). Art by Daniele Caviglia.


Poster by Pete Knipschield.















BELVIDERE, IL. – 11 actors from L.A. to London including AMC TV star Rich Graff (“The Making of the Mob”) have joined American writer Doug Shiloh for his 2016 Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign to bring his story to life as a full-length comic book “Dead Exit”, a shocking futuristic crime story where violent crime is dealt with by using Death Row prisoners as movie stunt men executed in government-made films.

AMC TV star Rich Graff


Young Warren character portrayed by Rich Graff. Art by Daniele Caviglia.

The fundraising campaign, which will run for 50 days through November, has a goal of $25,000 for 2,500 paperback copies and a digital versions. A rare coin is available for a reward level of $15. The Kickstarter URL is The project’s official site is


Graff serves as the model for “Senator Grayson Warren”, a good cop who turns vengeful after an active shooter event destroys his family. New York City actor Ernesto Nodal plays condemned murderer “Josh Dakota.”

Ernesto Nodal as "Dakota" in Dead Exit

Ernesto Nodal as “Dakota” in Dead Exit

Others cast members are TNT actor Tony Denison (‘Director John Brandt’), Warner Bros. Records’ artist Nina Bergman (“Agent Toni Jenkins”), singer-actress Roxy Saint (“Jade Bloodworth”), Jimmy Star (“Johnny B. Hollywood”), Sienna Taylor (“Vanessa Calecio”), Atlanta actors Martinez (“Agent Harry Mosley”) and Reggie P. Louis (“Xavier Thompson”), Jeannie McGinnis (“TV Personality Liz Reynolds”), James Jay Bryhan (“Fitzgerald”) and newcomer Chris Twomey (“Agent Chandler.”


Dakota character sketch by Daniele Caviglia, portrayed by Ernesto Nodal.

“If the project was a full-blown Hollywood movie or TV show, these are the actors I’d cast,” Shiloh said. “They have ‘the looks’ and the skills. They have the reel to prove it. I believe in these people. Everyone has a career that’s building.”

The 128-page graphic novel comic book is based off of Shiloh’s original screenplay and color and pre-press by Pete Knipschield. The paperback will be available in the Continental U.S. for $20 which includes shipping. Backer rewards include the chance to be in the comic as a character such as a zombie, vampire, werewolf ($30 which includes a paperback copy) or as the ultimate action hero Max Blitz ($500 reward level).

The project can be followed at or on Twitter @deadexitcomic or through Facebook at


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