Future plans for DEAD EXIT

kickstarter-logoBased on a successful crowdfunded campaign, we will go forward with producing the book and the poster. Your help will also inspire and enable to ‘go further’ with more plans.

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  • Produce an official full-length DEAD EXIT ‘listening soundtrack’ with music composed by Cosmo Moose. The target price will be just $7.99 USD and the album will be available digitally at iTunes, Amazon and many more. If the need for ‘vinyl’ is there…we’re open to it!


  • Produce a DVD/digital/web documentary about Dead Exit.
  • Produce limited edition T-shirts.
  • Actor Reggie P. Louis (“Xavier”) has agreed to appear at a book signing/meet-and-greet event in Atlanta.
  • Develop plans for a full-length feature film version of Dead Exit.
  • Continue to develop 5-year plans for a Dead Exit TV series.

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