U.K. composer CosmoMoose joins Dead Exit team


U.K. composer CosmoMoose has allied forces with Doug Shiloh and created two new compositions for Dead Exit. Upon reaching the fundraising goal, CosmoMoose will begin work on a FULL soundtrack for the entire story!

In the meantime, these two songs will be available on iTunes, Amazon and across the world. Below are sneak peeks at the high-energy “I Have A Plan” (Main Theme) and the haunting love theme “Love Is Eternal.”

“I’m happy Cosmo Moose joined the team,” Producer Doug Shiloh said. “He’s really come up with songs that fit the bill for this layered story. He’s an amazingly quick composer. I gave him ideas of what they should have, as far as elements – and off he goes. He’s really brought in some interesting musical layers. Going on to a full soundtrack will be something readers will want to listen to – with or without the book in hand.”


Shiloh was seeking instrumental soundtrack music. CosmoMoose’s music has been favorited by fans of Vangelis, Daft Punk, Jean Michel Jarre, Moby and more.

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A full album will have a price point of $7.99 USD and will be available worldwide through iTunes, Amazon and more.

TWO official full-length music videos are in the works for these two songs.

“I Have A Plan” (Main Theme)

“Love Is Eternal” (Love theme from Dead Exit)



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