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From AMC TV’s Lucky Luciano to a ‘killer’ graphic novel

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Rich Graff, top pick in Vanity Fair and at Cannes, stars in ‘Dead Exit’ as ‘Senator Warren’

BELVIDERE, ILLINOIS – New York-based actor Rich Graff, who starred as gangster Lucky Luciano in the hit 2015 AMC TV’s eight-part miniseries “The Making of the Mob”, is heading the international cast of a new graphic novel titled “Dead Exit” written by Doug Shiloh and illustrated by Champo Studios and cover by Canadian artist Connor Macgregor. The book will be crowdfunding on Kickstarter in September 2016.

The Kickstarter URL is. The project’s official site is

Graff will be portraying Senator Grayson Warren, a good cop and family man turned vengeful when his family is murdered during an active shooter event at a movie theater. After healing from his wounds, Warren runs for Senate and develops “The Program”, a government-run program that uses Death Row prisoners as movie stuntmen.

Graff was named Best New Leading Role (Male) at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival. In 2015, Vanity Fair named him one of the 100 Brightest Rising Stars. Graff has a top role in 2016’s My Dead Ex-Boyfriend (with Heather Graham) and Black Wake (Eric Roberts and Tom Sizemore).

“Rich’s role as Lucky Luciano showed me he was the pick for Senator Warren,” Shiloh said. “You watch that series and you realize – Rich just owned the screen.”

The 128 page graphic novel comic book is based off of Shiloh’s original screenplay and is illustrated by Toronto-based artist Connor Macgregor, with color by Pete Knipschield. It will be available in the Continental U.S. for $20 which includes shipping. Multi-language digital versions of the book for Kindles and computers will be available for $10 each. Versions in English, Spanish, French, German, Arabic, Japanese and more are planned.

Graff’s IMDB site is He can be followed on Twitter @Rich_Graff or on Instagram ( The comic book’s web site is and

Other actors include Ernesto Nodal as Dakota, Sienna Taylor as Vanessa Caleccio, Reggie P. Louis as Xavier Thompson, Nina Bergman as Agent Jenkins, Roxy Saint as Jade Bloodworth, Martinez as Agent Mosley, Jeannie McGinnis as TV reporter Liz Reynolds and James Bryhan as Fitzgerald.

Graff and the other cast members will have their likeness and acting style be used for the artist to work from. Voiceovers and video scenes are on the project’s website.

“As I cast these actors, I took into consideration their ‘look’ and their acting ability as if it were a movie,” Shiloh said. “The way Rich portrayed Lucky Luciano (in ‘Making of the Mob”) was a natural for a powerful character like Senator Warren, a man who has life and death in his hands. It’s exciting to see where Rich’s career goes next.”