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 WHO’S WHO on the DEAD EXIT team


Doug Shiloh


DOUG SHILOH started writing at age 7 earning an Honorable Mention award for a werewolf story in Scholastic Magazine. He made home movies as a pre-teen and crafted 100s of song lyrics before writing short stories in high school.

His work history would prove to be a creative and grounding force for his life as a writer: he has been a sports editor, a proofreader, an educator, a custodian, and even a restaurant mascot. “Those experiences find their way into my writing,” Shiloh said.

Born in Rockford, Illinois (raised in Iowa and Wisconsin), Doug graduated Enrico Fermi High School in Enfield, Connecticut. He was a three-sport athlete (Football, Basketball, Track) and was involved in high school plays and musicals as an actor and crew member. He served as an editor on his high school newspaper and literary magazine. He graduated Rock Valley College. While an undergrad, he was a Manuscript Contributor at The Bread Loaf Writers’ Conference held at Middlebury College. He won silver medals in the shot put and discus during the 2000 Prairie State Games.

During the mid-1990s, he produced celebrity and expert chat main events which appeared in AOL’s “Centerstage” that received mention in USA TODAY. Guests included Rudolph Grey (whose book was used as the basis for the Johnny Depp movie ED WOOD), Benjamin Filene (curator of the Houdini Historical Center), and Lt. Col. Fred J. Olivi (co-pilot on the Nagasaki atomic bomb mission which ended World War II).

As lead singer and lyricist, he co-founded the band Singed with Art Turner. Madison-based blues man Laverne J. Pink was later added to the line-up. The various incarnations of the band recorded a 4-song EP and performed gigs including at First Night and Media Play.

His fiction and poetry has appeared in,, Canada’s Zouch Magazine, Ireland’s The Electric Acorn, Fictionaut, and Chicago’s Hypertext Magazine and Stockyard Magazine. His first novel, POOKOO, was published in 2008 and is scheduled for an updated “2.0” version. In 2011 he co-founded The Literary Road Show, a live event reading forum. He is a Christian and lives in Belvidere, Illinois with his wife, the writer Brenda Veit-Shiloh.

Key Illustrator

Daniele Caviglia


13063093_10206994222107218_6273420630076402567_oDaniele is a semi-professional illustrator living in Palermo, Italy, with 4 years of experience in comic book art and illustration, book covers, posters and more. He graduated in the Artistic High School in Palermo and frequented the Palermo Fine Arts Academy for sculpture, giving him an eye for design and composition. His other skills include the use of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Painter, ArtRage, and Macromedia Flash MX.



Connor Macgregor
Connor Macgregor

Connor “Batman” Macgregor is a Toronto-based artist. For all things Connor, visit


Pete Knipschield

A 25-year veteran of the pre-press industry, PETE KNIPSCHIELD is the “go to guy” for small or large projects, with an impressive CV that includes work on worldwide corporate and indie projects. A true pro using Macs or PCs, Pete utilizes InDesign and Photoshop, and has highly-affordable services for print brokering, web and logo design.

Pete is slated to handle the book layout and color work for Dead Exit and was key to advising for the project’s web site design and initial build. Connect with him on LinkedIn.


Cosmo Moose

Chris Medway

COSMO MOOSE is a U.K. composer who’s been tapped to compose original music for Dead Exit. To kick off the Kickstarter campaign, he’s joined forces with Doug Shiloh on “Main Title (I Have a Plan)” and “Love is Eternal.” His music is in the vein of Vangelis, Daft Punk and Jean-Michel Jarre. Cosmo Moose has worked on scores for film and theater. Upon reaching the Dead Exit fundraising goal, Cosmo Moose is slated to compose a full-length soundtrack that will be released digitally to coincide with the 2017 publication of Dead Exit. Check out his site here.

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